Reports and research

Here, you can find our reports, research, and policies. If you have questions about anything on this page, please contact Andrew Wright, Director of Lund Trust.

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2022 intern report - Green space assessment framework

Author: Thuy Nguyen

Date: 25 September 2022

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Bayes Business School student report - Analysis of potential opportunities for urban Greening in English cities

Author: Bayes Business School Masters Students Consulting Team

Date: 5 September 2022

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Summer intern report 2022 – Ending UK river pollution

Author: Husnayn Nazim

Date: 31 August 2022

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Lund Trust annual summary 2021

Author: Lucy Bromley

Date: 25 February 2022

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Summer intern report 2021 – Urban green space

Author: Emily Douglas

Date: 1 September 2021

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